Monday, January 26, 2015

Jack Crevaille

No one eats these, but some have tried and they liked them.  They have to be bled at the boat and then the blood vein needs to be removed when cleaning.

One commenter put it this way

"Much to my surprise after a couple hours in the buttermilk it was a nice light pink color and the milk was red! I season all my fish the same. Alot of garlic powder, a little pepper, after a little rub down with the olive oil then on to grill it goes for as short a time as possible to flake with a fork. She told all she could about the best fish she had tasted. She did not remember the type of fish at the time and when she started telling those people what it was, she got the funniest looks. I feel 9 out of 10 folks who say it is inedible have only heard that from someone else. there was even an article in Florida Sportsman kitchen about jack recipes but they looked to goumet for my simpleton cooking methods!"

Crystal river pond

We took a nature hike and passed a pond where there was some fish action.  Perhaps bluegills as they are in the pond.  Or perhaps this little fellow


Thursday, January 22, 2015

First use of the fish grill

Successfully grilled fish
Well, after almost a month the swiveled fish grill basket arrived, and so I decided to cook fish on the little grill.
I have used the little barbecue grill twice now and not been pleased at all with the results.
This is the first use of the fish basket on the grill.

I thought that charcoal ash had plugged up the bottom so no air could feed the fire.  Actually, once I cleaned out the little grill, I discovered there are no holes for air to enter the grill and that explained why putting on the cover did not concentrate the smoke but eliminated the fire entirely.

Normally I see a folding fish grill basket as an impediment to grill cooking because it does not allow the cover to seal the rim of the barbecue grill.  However, here it was a great benefit because it created the only source of the air that would feed the fire while the cover still did contain enough smoke to give that distinctive barbecue taste to the fish.

I had some of the sheepshead fillets that we had caught and some small portions of wild caught salmon which Target and Walmarts sell.  This salmon is not as tasty as the Scottish salmon we had a few nights ago, but it still has good flavor. At about ten dollars a pound it is a good bargain for Alaskan wild caught.   I put the salmon down and covered it with the sheepshead fillets because I was afraid that they would easily dry out.  Sheepshead are not as oily as the salmon.  It worked great!. 
I'm going to experiment with slicing thin salmon and sandwiching it with bluegill fillets when I get home.  The beauty of this wire grill mesh is that it is flexible, so thicker fish is just as easy as thinner fish.  That is a great benefit in keeping fish from drying out and still giving it time to absorb the smoke.

For spice I used the Seafood magic seen in the photo.    I know that real cooks don't use packaged blends of spices, but I love this stuff for fish, especially salmon.  We use it all the time.
And I did add some olive oil to keep the fish moist.

For wine I drank the L'Oustalet which is not white, but I only drink red wine.

I bought this  at Whole Foods this week when we took Peter to the Tampa airport.  It is a French organic wine.  I'm not saying it is the best of wines, but it is the best of organic wine I have had and beats many others in the same price range.  Most of the other organics  I have tried have been disasters.  At Whole Foods it lists for about $13, but is always on sale for $9.99 and if you buy six bottles they take another 10% off and throw in a fine fabric bag that holds the six bottles.  I love these bags.  I love the wine, but I can't get it at home.  I may bring some home in April.

Elizabeth made a wonderful wild rice medley and I did have a bite, but to avoid carbs I complemented the fish with a mixed green salad topped with bits of cut up anchovies, crumbled blue cheese and a bit of creamy Italian dressing low in sugar and without carbs.

It all was a grand feast.

It has been a delightful day for food.  We had brunch in Crystal River at at little gourmet diner with great coffee, a nice cauliflower soup and spinach/ feta quiche.

Ah...the good life!!!!!!!