Monday, March 30, 2015


In the dream Peter and I and one more were out in the new boat with three buckets of bluegills when the boat seemed to not ride the waves but be swamped by them with water coming in the boat, sloshing the buckets and the bluegills all swimming in the boat.  I had to turn back.
Perhaps that part is anxiety about my boat. 

Rather than head home I went to Guzik's house and Bruce was there and talking to me again with a beer in his hand.  He was young again.  He said I was missing a meeting about something that he and Nancy were doing with Elizabeth and me and two other couples.  I tried to call on Guzik's phone, but it was an old plastic phone with static and two voices talking.  Gail looked at the phone to see what was the matter.

I wondered how in fifteen minutes I would be able to make the meeting and also bail the boat and clean the bluegills.

It was a strange dream, disturbing, and very intensely real.