Sunday, November 20, 2016

Breakfast fish

The last two days we have had one bass and a few bullhead from the freezer, cooked in the deep fryer, for breakfast.  Tasty. 
I think the bullhead are better soaked in a bit of milk and deep fried than they are pan fried.
Elizabeth like the bass, but I did not.  They just are not as sweet as bluegill or even these bullhead.
Nice meal as we head out to our Western trip.
Snow today. 
I still have the boat to bring up.   It should slide easily on the snowy sloop.

Fishing with Chuck last November

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We got a few hours in on the water in the above 80 degree weather here at the lake, a summer day in May.
The fish were biting very well.  Chuck caught two crappie off the dock while I loaded the boat.

We went to the First Dyke where there were fish rising and hundreds of bluegill just hovering below the surface.  The fish bit fast and well.  I also managed to boat two pickerel with no net.  It was amazing luck really.  In each case the line broke once it was in the boat and before I could unhook the fish.

I was concerned that I'd reinjure my pulled back muscle, but as I write at 5 AM I feel fine and feel rested after a tired day when I could not seem to actually sleep into my naps.

While cleaning the fish I was well entertained by kids from Jeff and Dar's house who came down and went swimming.  Delightful.  The water was cold, but they had a blast and complained about nothing.

I filleted a few meals for Chuck and one of whole fried fish for us along with the frozen pickerel.  The cleaning went well too.  I did not seem to get a backache from that.

Elizabeth and Mary had a grand time visiting and a good roasted chicken with accompanied goodies, even some stuffing.  Stuffing is generally off our diet, but this was an exception.  I did note that Arnold's stuffing, which I bought at Miller's, was both good and half the carbs of the others.

 In the evening a weather front came in a spike a migraine.  I took my last magic pill and it did the trick again.  I slept easily and well and woke up refreshed.  Great meds

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Former student with fish.


November fishing

I've been fishing very little over the summer.  I don't know why.
Once the shed under the deck was done and I could store my motor and charger and some fishing poles and some tackle, I started to take the boat out with the electric motor and fishing under the wires of the Second Lake.  Each time I went I brought home one or two fish for eating.  Mostly perch, but I did get this one bluegill.   

I also released two smallmouth, one of legal size and full of pep.  I let all bass go.  This one got off just at the boat.
All were caught on jigs, purple twister tails and an eyeball.
The water has lacked wind.  Sometimes there was just a slight trolling drift.

I can see I'll like this new dock.

The boat was full of pine needles and leaves.  One full day of light rain added no  water to the boat.  I'll never clean them out in Fall again because they absorbed the water.