Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fishing with Chuck last November

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We got a few hours in on the water in the above 80 degree weather here at the lake, a summer day in May.
The fish were biting very well.  Chuck caught two crappie off the dock while I loaded the boat.

We went to the First Dyke where there were fish rising and hundreds of bluegill just hovering below the surface.  The fish bit fast and well.  I also managed to boat two pickerel with no net.  It was amazing luck really.  In each case the line broke once it was in the boat and before I could unhook the fish.

I was concerned that I'd reinjure my pulled back muscle, but as I write at 5 AM I feel fine and feel rested after a tired day when I could not seem to actually sleep into my naps.

While cleaning the fish I was well entertained by kids from Jeff and Dar's house who came down and went swimming.  Delightful.  The water was cold, but they had a blast and complained about nothing.

I filleted a few meals for Chuck and one of whole fried fish for us along with the frozen pickerel.  The cleaning went well too.  I did not seem to get a backache from that.

Elizabeth and Mary had a grand time visiting and a good roasted chicken with accompanied goodies, even some stuffing.  Stuffing is generally off our diet, but this was an exception.  I did note that Arnold's stuffing, which I bought at Miller's, was both good and half the carbs of the others.

 In the evening a weather front came in a spike a migraine.  I took my last magic pill and it did the trick again.  I slept easily and well and woke up refreshed.  Great meds

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