Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Used the fillets to start making fish salad.
Notes are here.

Monday, June 20, 2016


I have not recorded much here in a while.
I still get stuck and can't seem to get myself out. 
But one day Chuck came and fished with me.  So we launched the boat.
The weeds are very high so I did not take the motor.  But that may have been a mistake.  We ended up on the Third Lake where the rowing was really tough coming back into the wind.  This is a big boat.
Along the West shore of the lake and not far from the pipe we caught most of our fish, bedding bluegill, pumpkinseed, redbreast, a couple rock bass, three perch and three pickerel, one a keeper.  Chuck caught that one.  It tasted good too wrapped in bacon and baked and broiled.  I mixed in some salmon with it.

We fried up most of the small ones and the large I filleted for Chuck.

He was funny.  He kept saying that these were the first fish he had caught, but he caught a bluegill in April and I ate it, so I know that is not the case.

Then today I caught about 25 over in a spot where they have bedded for forty years.  The weeds are not thick there along the South side of the Second Lake bay and with a light worm, they hit like crazy.  One white perch as well.  It followed a hooked bluegill into the boat, and I could see it darting about.  Then in a few casts, and not where it had been, I hooked the fellow.

I met a friendly fellow named John over there in that spot.  We have both fished this lake for many years and we shared some stories.  He has taken fine Northern through the ice right there on Second Lake.

Well, it was fun.  Chuck just lost a grandson, Brendan, this week in a motorcycle accident, and the pain of that dulled my pleasure a bit.  He and another grandson were supposed to be fishing here tomorrow.  Everyone is a wreck about this boy's death.  Carla's son.  Very hard.  The year has been filled with tragedy: Sara had a very hard accident that almost killed her, then decided on divorce, and Mary's mother died in Iowa. 

I had a fire tonight, but it is just too hot.  I watched it mostly from the deck.  The mood rose over the lakes.  Fine sight.  I am liking my house.
Jeff and Brooklyn working on lights for the neighbor's house. 
Some activity over at the red house, but very quiet and easy.  They have replaced the glaring light with another that shines softly out of the window of the house.  Very nice for me.  Lots of insect sounds tonight. 

They will treat the lake for the curly weed next week. 
Too bad.  I like the quiet.  Most folks with boats have not wanted to venture out.  I swam a bit today and cleaned out some of the tree debris so we can walk into the water. 

Out for a boat ride on Father's Day with Casey.  He took the right oar and I took the left.  It worked out just fine. 

The rowing went easy in spite of the weeds.  There was wind enough to drift out and very little on my row back.