Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November fishing

I've been fishing very little over the summer.  I don't know why.
Once the shed under the deck was done and I could store my motor and charger and some fishing poles and some tackle, I started to take the boat out with the electric motor and fishing under the wires of the Second Lake.  Each time I went I brought home one or two fish for eating.  Mostly perch, but I did get this one bluegill.   

I also released two smallmouth, one of legal size and full of pep.  I let all bass go.  This one got off just at the boat.
All were caught on jigs, purple twister tails and an eyeball.
The water has lacked wind.  Sometimes there was just a slight trolling drift.

I can see I'll like this new dock.

The boat was full of pine needles and leaves.  One full day of light rain added no  water to the boat.  I'll never clean them out in Fall again because they absorbed the water.

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