Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cory Eliza Casey in the new boat...then my first night ride

It was a really beautiful weekend and today was a fine cap to it.
Troubling family matters aside, we had a fine meal of yellow perch and salmon, salad, watermelon, strawberries. 

Then we went out for a spin around the lake. 

 Eliza came to visit and she enjoyed Casey and the ride. 

She put Casey to be with a story.

When the dishes were done, I went back out in the dark of night with my lantern and the clamped on running light.

There was no moon.

There were no boats.  After a while of rowing I turned off the running light and left the lantern in a seat with the back shielding the light from me so that my eyes adjusted to the stars and the lights from houses.

Just around the bend near the buoy I turned off the lantern and just drifted.  It has been years since I've done that.  It was very peaceful and the cool night air was luscious. 

The tooth bothers me some today and just now it is rather achy.  I am tired of the annoying aches and pains.  But my hands have cleared of the blisters or what every was affecting them.  I wore gloves to row.  Everything seems fine.



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