Sunday, June 15, 2014


Frank, Julie and Slyvia were here this weekend.  They head home tomorrow morning.  It has been a fine visit with them. Sylvia is such a treat!  Casey was here two days and the two cousins play very well together and enjoy each other easily.

Today I took both kids on a boat ride and had a second ride with just Frank.  it was very nice, especially since the boat has been winched up for almost two weeks.

We made a few casts but the fish were not biting much and we did not catch anything, but the ride itself with the little electric motor pushing us quietly along was a delight. 

I did not row, but I will a bit tomorrow as the rain has finally tapered off and I left the boat chained to the dock so it will be there tomorrow.
Tuesday I get my tooth extracted.  I'm hoping it will not leave with painful dry socket.  I hated that when I was young and I had it when both wisdom teeth were taken out.  Perhaps I"ll get lucky this time.

We gilled a lot and today it was steak. Frank did the grilling and turned out some tasty meat.  I put the little kids' plastic picnic table up on the deck and Casey was delighted with it.  We use it so rarely.

Peter was not himself over the weekend.  Things are not well with him.  It is hard to know how it will all fall out.

I drank a bit.  Opened and finished a bottle of the cheap red wine from the place near Miller's.  Probably not the best idea, but it did cheer me up.

Tomorrow Frank and family head off to see Margot and Casey is suppose to go as well.  From there they head to the airport and back to Chicago.  I'll miss them.
Keith talked to me today . He was off to some Southern lunch place he has wanted to try.  I could hear the three kids in the background. 

Dana and Cory both talked to me this week.  Dana is off tomorrow to Ireland and Cory is preparing for a trip to the Galapados.  Nice.

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