Monday, June 30, 2014

Out with Chuck and John

I went fishing with Chuck and John last Thursday morning.
It was a very rainy day and it took a while just to bail the boat.  I wore my new rain coat and it works just fine.  I did not need the pants.

The fishing was very slow.  Together we only caught about a dozen panfish and there were no bass or pickerel.  Chuck got a fine white perch. 

I filleted them and sent that home with Chuck. Also, he tried his hand at filleting to get the feel.

I then took the carcass and yesterday morning fried those up for a crispy treat.  I had never done that before, but it worked well.  Some were just really crispy, bones and all.  Others had crispy bits of fish that slipped off the bones.  This is not the most healthy way to eat fish, but I've been a slug lately and have not gone myself.


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