Monday, July 14, 2014

Four bluegill on the grill

I should have taken a photo, but I did not.  These I scaled and gutted but grilled with heads on and I can see that works better.  I just used the olive oil spray and the fish was very mild and tasty.  I did not overgrill.  I think I usually over grill.

I caught them a few days ago, when the humidity broke a bit, but it was still too hot and the heat tired me out.  It was good to be rowing.  No one else on the lake while I fished on a Saturday.  So strange. 

The boat is still a bear to crank up, but I extended the chain Chuck gave me by using another lock and that means I don't have to crank it up quite so far. 

The fish did not bite well at all.  I missed a few, probably small ones as I had a larger hook, but generally I did not get much action.  The most action was in the old spot I've fished for decades.  Perhaps had I just anchored there, I'd have done better over time.

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