Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fishing with Elizabeth August 31

It was a fine autumn like day, overcast, but without rain until early afternoon.
I went out in the boat for about an hour this morning, just along the shore here near the house.  The wind was coming from the South, so I stayed close to home.  I am out of shape for the rowing and did not want an hour against a stronger wind.
I hit one perch right in front of Kay's.
Then I picked up Elizabeth and together we took this nice little mess of fish.

Here is a couple nice closeup shots

The boat rowed easily even with Elizabeth in the front seat.  I think the stability makes it less apt to need back seat balance for ease in rowing. 
I'm still using the makeshift oars and one of them squawked like a chicken.  I removed the tape and that seemed to help.
It was so fine to have her along.  She seemed comfortable and happy in one of the plush seats with her feet on the other seat.
The threatened wind and storm never came.  Actually, for a time, all the wind calmed and we had an easy time.

It was fine to be on the water and at least temporarily over whatever it is that keeps me locked inside.
Fall is here and the good fishing will be the next few weeks.  For some of that we won't be here, so I should take advantage of as much of the fishing as I can manage.

Later, I spent a good bit of time on the telephone to  improve my Vegas booking, and then we went to a play in Albany and out to dinner at Basil Thai, so mornings are plenty of time for a short ride and to gather a meal of panfish. 
I need to get that in perspective.
Even a busy social life should easily include boating and the bit of exercise that comes from rowing.

The cleaning went well with just using a serrated steak knife and leaving the fillet knife for future fillets.  The serrated knife is great for scrapping out most of the white belly material and it cuts the bone better although it needs more pressure.

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