Monday, August 11, 2014

Peter and Casey/ Night ride

Peter and Casey fished midday off the float end of the dock and caught 5 bluegill.  I cooked up two of the first caught and they had a taste before heading home.

I did not fish last night, but did take the boat out for a ride under the moon in the night.  It was certainly bright and there was very little activity.  I did wake up a few dogs, so I suspect I was not the most popular guy in the neighborhood. 

I drifted for a bit over in the center of the second lake.  There I could escape the glaring light from across the water here and another lighting up the outside of one camp heading toward Gundrum Point.  I like it when the lights are calm.  Even the cars along the road don't bother me as much as the glaring lights.  This one across the way really got to me when I had a migraine two nights ago.  I screened it out. 

It is rare I get a late night row.  The boat has to be launched and I have to have had a good nap that day.  I think it did help my sleeping afterwards, although I also read a good bit in The Goldfinch before hitting the hay.

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